Farm School Day 3!

 Man Oh Man! We have had the most full day today at the farm! We swapped the classes that we took and got to experience even more fun on the farm! This afternoon, Mr. Zech even took us on a hike to a really awesome secret beach where we got to hang out and relax our tired feet!  Tonight we will get to enjoy a nice campfire (in this perfect weather!) and get some rest for our last classes in the morning!

Farm School Day 2!

 It’s been a full day yesterday! We had a blast in our classes today, and our two groups got to explore the farm and work on several fun projects!  The “Zoomin Zucchinis” Group got to meet all of the farm animals today, and spend time planting lettuce! The Bucky Barn Cats got to work on a fence project and then harvested squash from the farm to make squash muffins!   Last night, we all got to participate in a night hike!

Farm School Day 1

 We made it and had a fabulous first day at Farm School! We got to learn about the Farm’s sustainability and then we got to go canoeing! At night we walked around the farm to sing lullabies to the farm animals! Everyone has had a great time!